What Is the Satta King Game?

The Satta King Game is similar to other games but the way in which it is played has a unique feature. Unlike other games, the Satta Kings uses a system of numbers rather than a word or numbers. The reason for this is that if you go with your numbers, you win. Going for your numbers blindly is not an option. In Satta the player has the choice of picking his own numbers and the dealer does the same.


In case in Satta the player needs to pick the highest number he chooses, irrespective of how many others have also picked that same number or picked a lower number. In the event of picking a number using logic, that same number which was picked by another player will be rejected. One needs to select numbers and the dealer randomly chooses one number and announces this number to all players. It is possible that the highest and the lowest numbers that have been picked by other players will be announced to be the winning numbers. But if no player picks the same number as the one picked by the dealer, the latter’s number shall be announced as the winner.


The Satta Kings is based on the same principles of other games like Texas Holdem and American. However, the difference lies in the fact that in this case, a player has the option of selecting his own numbers and the dealer does the same. There is another variation of Satta which has the jackpot divided between all players who hit the jackpot. A player can cash in his winnings in any form like Satta Dollars, Satta Points, gift vouchers, etc.