Under Eye Filler Birmngham

The delicate area under eye filler Birmingham from hollowness and creases as we age, this is known as the tear trough and can cause you to look tired and aged. Soft fillers can be injected into this area to give you a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance. This treatment also helps to reduce dark circles as it lifts the area.

Is 0.5 ml lip filler noticeable?

The procedure can be performed in clinic and takes between 15-30 minutes depending on which facial filler is used. A numbing cream will be applied to the area to prevent any discomfort and the Doctor will mark where the injections will take place. Unlike other fillers, eye fillers are typically done using a micro cannula rather than needles. This minimises the risk of bruising and injury to the surrounding areas.

Hyaluronic acid based fillers like Restylane and Belotero Balance are the most commonly used for this area as they are more forgiving to inject in the thin skin around the eyes. Other fillers such as Juvederm and Radiesse are more rigid and may not be appropriate for this area.

During the treatment, the Doctor will carefully use the micro cannula to feed the filler into the correct location. The process is relatively painless, a topical anaesthetic can be provided on request to further minimise discomfort. After the treatment, some swelling and bruising can occur which will subside within a few days. However, this is a very safe procedure when carried out by an experienced and qualified Practitioner as we are at Dr Aesthetica.