How to Wear a Cutaway Collar Shirt

cutaway collar shirt

A cutaway collar shirt is a smart, clean and contemporary style. It can be paired with a variety of knots, but we recommend avoiding skinny knots if possible, and instead opting for the four-in-hand method, which is a simple and classic tie knot that works with this collar style.

Spread cutaway collar shirt are a more traditional look, typically worn with a Windsor knot. It’s a great alternative to the point collar, whose points can sometimes appear too narrow.

There’s also the tab collar, a shorter version of the point collar that’s seen in many bespoke-taste gents’ wardrobes. This collar is designed to push a tie forward, making it stand out more.

The Sharp and Stylish Cutaway Collar Shirt: A Comprehensive Guide

Pin collars, which feature a decorative bar running through the center of the shirt collar, are another popular option for a classic put-together look. They’re often accompanied by a tab knot, which is designed to pull the edges of the collars together and elevate your tie for a more put-together appearance.

Band collar shirts are another cool, casual shirting choice, especially in the summer months. They’re most commonly worn under cardigans, but can work just as well underneath T-shirts for smart-casual occasions.

Collar points are one of the most important style choices a man can make, because they determine your overall appearance. We recommend choosing a collar that compliments your face size and shape, drawing the eye to certain features, or flattering others – as it will help to create a more balanced appearance.