How the Best Flat Bar Road Bike Was Discovered?


You’re in the market for a new bike and want to know what the best flat bar road bike is, well lucky for you, we’ve been riding these babies for years and have found one that works great for all ages and skill levels. So how did we find such a great bike? Easy, we’re not in the bicycle business (we’d prefer not to have to deal with that anyway), instead we’re customers of a great bike shop that specializes in recumbent bikes, we had our hearts set on a mountain bike so we could get up and go easy on the road, but found ourselves intrigued by this recumbent bike, its gentle riding experience and the low-level of effort required to get around town. Turns out this was a winner. Check this out


So we got on the bike and set out to test it for a couple of days, so we could write an article about our findings and hopefully entice someone into buying one of their own. We put the bike through all sorts of tests, stopping and going fast, standing-still and going backward, rolling down hills and of course riding the same stretches again. We recorded everything and compared notes with other buyers, noting the pros and cons of each bike individually. After a couple of days, we came back and gave the bikes, their test reports and our thoughts on them, to see what others had to say. It was surprisingly tough to decide because all the reviews and comments were so similar between all the models, but there was one bike that seemed to stand out from the rest in a big way, it had just two speeds and seemed to perform better overall.


That bike was the Best Flat Bar Road Bike, hands down. Why? Because it was perfect for what we’re looking for in a recumbent bike, a bike where comfort and performance would go hand-in-hand and where the rider could feel at ease without having to sacrifice style and ease. The Best Flat Bar Road Bike seems to have all of these things and more. It has a sleek, modern design that complements any look you may be going for, it’s not too heavy or too light, it’s just right for those who need a great all-around road bike for both off road riding and commuting, and most of all, it offers up the security and comfort we all want from a recumbent bike.