Flood Water Extraction Machine

flood water extraction machine

Floods caused by hurricane, torrential rains and fury of mother nature or even burst pipes can wreak havoc in homes and commercial facilities. A good flood water extraction machine can help in preventing colossal loss to property and personal belongings.

Flood water extraction machine many people can use shop vacuums and carpet cleaning wands to remove some of the water in their homes, it is not enough to prevent serious damage to structures, furnishings and personal possessions. A professional restorer uses special equipment to extract the most amount of water from a home as possible to avoid further destruction and health issues.

Renting vs. Buying Water Removal Equipment: Which Option is Right for You

The first step is usually to use a carpet wand and extract the “easy” water; standing water, puddles and pools. Depending on the amount of water present, more than one pass may be required. Then a secondary, heavier extraction machine is used to get the remainder of the water from the structure.

These heavy duty machines can be mechanical (ride-on) or manual. They are usually designed to work in tight spaces like around bathroom fixtures and other difficult-to-reach areas. A popular model is the Xtreme Power 11500SE.

These machines have powerful vacuum technology that can capture and hold the excess water. When the tank is full, a hose can be attached to dump the water into a legal drain. This system allows for continuous operation without having to stop and empty the tank, saving valuable time. They also have a stainless steel pump-out that can be used in place of a standard garden hose to provide a higher flow rate than most competitor systems.