Essential Paddle Boarding Gear

Paddle Boarding Gear

Paddle Boarding Gear

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced paddler, there is always some gear that is important to have on hand when you are out on the water. Depending on where you plan to paddle, the weather and the type of board that you choose, there are some essentials that will keep you comfortable and safe.


Wear a good quality, breathable shirt and pants to keep you dry and warm during your paddle. You can also bring a hat, gloves and sunglasses for additional protection against the sun. Read more


In colder conditions, you will probably want to wear a pair of neoprene booties or lightweight water sport shoes. These will help you move quickly when paddling and make it easy to get on the water.


Many boards come with a set of fins, which are removable or fixed on the bottom. The fixed ones help the board track straight in the water while being steered and the removable ones help you flex and turn the board.

The Best Paddle Boarding Gear for a Comfortable Ride

A leash is an essential part of any paddleboard. It’s designed to pull the paddler on to the board while in the water and it can also be used as a rescue whistle if you ever fall off.

Shoulder Straps

Having a couple of shoulder straps is a great way to transport your board to and from the water and they can also be used to help you haul the board up and down the stairs or across the floor when it’s not in use.