Dog Obedience Trainers Salaries And Where To Find Them

dog obedience trainers

Dogs can be a great joy to have around, but they can also be a handful, leading to many behavior issues. It’s important, then, to have good, effective dog obedience trainers on staff at all times to help educate and correct misbehaving pets when necessary. The job market for dog obedience instructors is expected to grow faster than average this year, and jobs like these tend to stay open after the holidays. The most common breed of dog that trainers are required to train is the German shepherd, though there are many other breeds that can be trained as well. Most dog obedience trainers start out by working with purebred dogs, but working with mixed breed animals is also a popular option. Some of the most popular dog breeds to train include Dobermans, Rottweilers, Golden Retrievers, Beagles, and German shepherds.

Choose to become animal trainers must first complete

Dog Obedience Trainer salary Those who choose to become animal trainers must first complete their education at an accredited school or college. Upon completion, they should receive a certification in animal training and be eligible to take the Certified Instructor or Animal Behavior Technician exam. Though dog obedience trainers generally make more money than other animal trainers, dog obedience trainer salaries tend to vary widely by state.

Dog Obedience Trainer salary Potential income depends on many factors, including experience, location, and the length of the certification program. For those who work solely in metropolitan areas, chances are good that they make more money per hour than those who work for smaller pet businesses. Animal behavior experts that work in rural areas may not earn as much per hour, but in larger cities, they’re usually in high demand. Those who have completed formal education and worked as animal trainers in large cities earn anywhere from ten to forty thousand dollars per year, depending on the location of their employer and the number of dogs that they supervise. The higher wages of dog obedience trainers are typically attained by those who are married with children, have children of their own, or have a home full of animals.