Dentistry Information


Dental science, also referred to as dental physiology and dental chemistry, is a complex branch of medical science that focuses on the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, prevention of dental disorders, diseases, and other conditions of the oral cavity. Dental science is subdivided into two major branches, the dental physiology branch which studies the physiological aspects of tissues, organs and tissues involved in the dental process, and the dental microbiology branch which study the composition and development of dental materials. The dental pathology branch focuses on the pathological nature of dental diseases. In this way, dental science categorizes the entire process of dental diseases into four main categories, each divided into at least two branches.

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Oral health is achieved through routine dental care, which involves examination, detection and treatment of dental disorders. Every person is born with a natural system of teeth and gum, which should be maintained in its perfect condition to ensure optimal functioning of all the body systems. In order to maintain optimum health, a healthy mouth needs to be clean and free from any bacterial infection. Dental hygienists are professionals who provide regular dental care and promote oral hygiene in their community. They can train students in dental hygienist courses and help them provide quality dental care in their families and communities.


Oral surgeons perform major surgical operations on dental implants and replace missing teeth with healthy and artificial implants. Oral surgeons perform oral surgeries, cosmetic procedures, dental surgery and dental procedures to improve the appearance of their patients’ teeth and smiles. Some of these surgeons specialize in certain types of cosmetic and dental treatments and are known as oral surgeons. Oral surgeons can perform different kinds of oral surgeries such as dental implant surgery, gum surgery, laminectomy, face lift, dental veneers, gum lifts, tooth whitening and bleaching, jaw reconstruction and cleft repair surgery.