What is an Applicant Tracking System?

ATS systems

The automation of recruiting and hiring processes has made use of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The applicant tracking systems usually include the components of applicant tracking, job recruiting process and job recruiting software. An applicant tracking system is an online software program that allows the electronic management of human staffing and recruiting requirements. Typically, an applicant tracking system may be accessed either at individual or business-level, depending upon the company’s needs; both free and paid ATS software are available. ATS systems – Vanhack are used by large companies and small business firms to manage the human resource requirements. Large companies use ATS for routine human resource requirements, while small businesses use it for specific, on-site or at-home screening candidates.


Job recruiting software can include ATS or applicant tracking systems; job recruiting software includes applications for desktop and web use. A job recruiting system includes features like applicant tracking, job search, resume and interview writing, prescreening and candidate search and advanced options for uploading electronic resumes and job descriptions. Most job recruiting software offers database management for job searches, emailing of job descriptions and applications, job application and follow-up reminders. Job recruiting software also offers customized reporting functions, which include information about job openings and details on employee performance.


In the last few years, ATS software solutions have become more popular with recruiting managers as job recruitment becomes a part of everyday business operations. ATS solutions have been designed for professional job recruiting agencies and human resource departments. Job recruiting software solution provides benefits such as simplified applications and easier managing of applicants as well as tracking of their history during the entire recruitment process. ATS solutions also provide comprehensive information about candidates, such as their academic background, work experience and skills, educational background, resumes, and skills. Most job recruiting software solution also provides metrics, which allow employers to track applicant quality and success rate.…