What Is Close Protection?

What is close protection? Close protection is a specific form of personal security focused solely on protecting an individual, both mentally and physically but more importantly, reputationally. The word close refers to an individual that is being protected; protecting them from any potential harm that may come their way from others. Close protection detail extends to the closest loved ones of such individuals but the primary function of such a person is solely focused on the person themselves. This form of security is not about keeping the family of such a person secure but rather, it is about protecting them from what they consider to be unnecessary threats that come from people whom they have never met. As someone who has dealt with this sort of security for many years, I am often asked what is close protection all about.

Why Need Close Protection?

Close protection detail involves the employment of licensed, trained, armed officers that are tasked with the responsibility of guarding business or other high-profile targets. These officers have access to firearms and by law are legally allowed to carry the weapon in a certain level of self defense circumstances. However, what is close protection is also about the fact that these officers are trained to react quickly and with great force in any potentially dangerous situation that they may find themselves. For instance, what is close protection to a bodyguard is what happens if a terrorist tries to rush a security guard at a shopping mall and get onto the escalators in order to attack large groups of people; the bodyguard is trained to use deadly force in order to subdue the terrorist and end the threat.

In today’s world of increased terrorist threats and criminal activity, many people are wondering what is close protection all about. While I can only answer that it is the duty of every good police officer to protect the public, and by extension, protect the innocent by taking any and all necessary action to apprehend these potentially dangerous individuals. It is a duty that is not easily taken for granted because the safety of all innocent life should never be questioned. This is especially true if an officer has reason to believe that a criminal may be about to carry out an attack in the future, which is exactly what the duty of a close protection officer does on a daily basis.